About IDD

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Our mission at Inspired Design & Development is to impress and improve your clientele through the most custom and current branding and marketing strategies made available today.

Company Timeline

2009: A northern Californian 20-something named JL Faverio embarks on a new business venture out of desperation during a 13 month unemployment period due to the declining economy.

2010: After successfully obtaining 20+ clients nationwide, and finding employment as a Website Development Specialist for a local Web Design Firm, JL moves to Los Angeles to officially establish and grow his new-found passion into his profession.

2011: In less than 2 years, JL forms Inspired Design & Development; an international Website & Branding company and grows its clientele to 50+.

2012: IDD has grown its clientele 300% in less than 2 years since its establishment with clients obtained in 4 countries on 3 continents.

2013: Now with 4 employees, JL and his company IDD are closing in on client 100.

About IDD President JL Faverio

JL graduated before his class in 2001 from Santa Rosa High School. A year later he pursued a degree in Computer Sciences at Santa Rosa Junior College; one of the most prestigious junior colleges in the United States. After attending school, JL would employ various jobs in private security, retail and restaurants while gradually building his website and branding company, Inspired Design & Development.

Driven for success and eager to learn about business management hands-on, JL accepted an offer in Los Angeles, CA to be the Unit Production Manager for the Best American Short Film Nominee, Shattered Allegiance. JL eventually earned the title of Chief Operating Officer for Unbounded Ambition Films and helped produce 2 more films; The Hunger for More & The World is My Stage (both filmed in the Bay Area).

In the middle of building his own website design business and producing 3 independent films, JL was homeless living out of his car in Los Angeles. He chose to do this for 2 reasons; (1) to stay focused on his goals and (2) to save as much money as possible. While homeless in LA, JL befriended many homeless people locally and online and quickly became a Homeless Advocate. He helps give homeless individuals and families a voice by providing free websites and blogs via the #NoBoxBlogs Project.

Today, JL resides back in his home town in the bay area where he continues to grow his business, network with filmmakers and help non-profits advocating homelessness wherever he can.

"Without my clients, I wouldn't own a business, it's that simple - but so many companies have forgotten that simple logic. I graciously appreciate them and strive to do everything I can to ensure they stress less, and progress more. This keeps my clients happy and the references abound. That's why I provide free support to all clients, on all projects for life." - JL Faverio